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Stainless Steel Scrubber Using Tips

Warm prompts:

After using a steel scrubber cleaning the aluminum utensil, you'd better heat it on low flame for a few minutes, letting the surface generate a alumina protection layer, then you can reuse this aluminum utensil. It can not only protect the aluminum utensil, but also avoid acid alkaline materials compound with aluminum which may lead to excessive intake of aluminum to human body.

Stainless steel scrubbers may get dirty and oily after cleaning utensils with heavy clingage, which may cause bad effect to usage. Then you can put them on fire and let them self-cooling. They can be clean as new after shaking a few. Pay attention to that steel scrubbers can not be put into cold water immediately after heated, or they would be unable to use because of quenching embrittlement.


Please wash it with water after using, placed in ventilated dry office.

While using, if you find two steel wires are felted together, please do not directly pull by hand, please use scissors, avoiding hurting the finger.

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