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Brass Scrubbers with Self-antibacterial Function

Brass scrubbers are becoming more and more common and popular in people's daily life. They have beautiful looking and strong dirt-removing power, which made them be widely used in various conditions.

A piece of woven brass scrubber with golden surface and round shape.

Brass scrubbers in woven structure have stronger cleaning capacity.

Two piece of brass scrubbers in winding structure and golden surface.

Brass scrubbers in winding structure are widely used in daily life.



A piece of brass structure has golden surface and stable structure.

Brass scrubbers have a certain degree of self-antibacterial function.

Each brass scrubber is put into a plastic bag, then put into a carton case.

The number of brass scrubbers are according to customers' request.


Brass scrubbers can quickly remove the waste on the surface of food containers, frying pans, gas stoves, and barbecue grills. They can also clean the bath tubs and toilets clearly. For industrial applications, they can be used in petroleum industries to clean the oily surface.

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