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Copper Scrubbers for Hygienic Use

Copper is a kind of soft metal, so copper scrubbers won't leave scratches on stoves, enamels or machine surface. The strong cleaning capacity made copper scourer the best choice for kitchenware and houseware cleaning. They can easily remove the dry and stuck food waste, oily and dirty stains, as well as persistent cooking grimes. What's more, using copper cleaning balls can also polish the surface of sinks and basins.

There are three copper scrubbers in woven structures and silver sides.

The designed woven structure supports the strong cleaning capacity without hurting hands.

A piece of copper scrubber in round shape and red color.

The round shapes of copper scrubbers are designed for convenient handling while cleaning.



Three pieces of copper scrubbers are packed in a white plastic woven bag.

Copper scrubbers have light weight and won't take too much room to store.

The detailed structure of a copper scrubber shows the winding structure.

Except the woven structure, copper scrubbers also have winding structure.


Notes: used in wet condition only, and not recommended for non-stick pans, in case of leaving scratches.

A hand is cleaning the oily corner of a tray, using a copper scrubber.

Copper scrubbers have strong cleaning capacity and they are not afraid of stubborn stains.

A sink with bright surface cleaned by a piece of copper scrubber.

Copper scrubbers can not only clean the dirty corners of sinks, but also can polish the surface.

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