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Highly Corrosion Resistant Galvanized Steel Scrubber

Galvanized steel scrubbers are spherical metal cleaning balls made of galvanized steel wires, which are easy to handle and can quickly clean the dirty, oily or waste food stains. Because galvanized steel scrubbers are anti-rust and corrosion resistant, they are widely used in damp and corrosive environments.

A piece of galvanized steel scrubber with bright surface and woven structure.

Galvanized steel scrubbers are corrosion resistant, especially when they are in woven structure.

There are two galvanized steel scrubbers in oval shapes and silver sides.

The oval shape is convenient for handling and increase the cleaning area.



Every three galvanized steel scrubbers are put into a woven plastic bag.

Galvanized steel scrubbers have light weights and round shape for easy handling.

Bags of galvanized steel scrubbers are put into a carton case.

Our galvanized steel scrubbers have high quality and they are popular with our customers.

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Galvanized steel scrubbers are widely used in kitchens, restaurants, hotels and industries. They can efficiently and quickly remove the food waste, oily and dirty stubborn stains on the surface. Be careful, do not use them on easy scratch surface.

A white porcelain bowl is cleaned clearly by galvanized steel scrubbers.

Galvanized steel scrubbers have excellent cleaning capacity, and leave no scratch.


The food waste in the container can be easily removed by galvanized steel scrubbers.

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