Stainless Steel Scrubbers for Sanitary Use

Our Company mainly manufactures four kinds of scrubbers, namely stainless steel scrubbers, galvanized steel scrubbers, copper scrubbers and brass scrubbers. Stainless and galvanized steel scourers are more commonly used in daily life than copper or brass scourers. And they all have their own shining points.

Our scrubbers can be applied to many places, like cleaning kitchenware such as pots, pans and dishes. It also is a good helper to clean the stove, sink and hoods in the kitchen.

Stainless steel cleaning balls

Stainless steel cleaning balls are the most widely used scrubbers, no matter in kitchens or industries, they can be applied to many places. And the biggest advantage is cheaper than the other three kinds of scrubbers. What's more, stainless steel scrubbers are anti-rust.

There are three stainless steel scrubbers in different sizes.

Galvanized steel scrubbers

Galvanized steel scrubbers have bright surface, and the greatest advantage is corrosion resistant. Therefore, they can be used in wet, damp, acid and alkaline environments. Because of corrosion resistance, galvanized steel scrubbers always have longer service lives.

There are two galvanized steel scrubbers in woven structure.

Copper scrubbers and brass scrubbers

Copper scrubbers and brass scrubbers are more expensive than stainless and galvanized scrubbers, but they have beautiful appearance and hygienic usage. Especially the surface of the kitchenware or factory machines can be polished after cleaned by copper or brass scrubbers.

There are two copper scrubbers in woven structure.

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  1. Please wash it with water after using, placed in ventilated dry office.
  2. Do not use the metal scrubbers cleaning non-stick rice cookers with coated layer on surface, in case of damaging to the protective layer.

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